Simplicity, moderate colour, versatile use. This is a model series of switches and drawers that will appeal to anyone who wants to make house wiring a decent dot. The Schneider Electric brand offers electrical installation products in several model series, making it easy to choose a tailor-made product. Crazy color, elegance, luxurious design. There is enough that can satisfy your desire for an aesthetically balanced environment. The French company Schneider Electric has promoted common and especially practical equipment for interesting home furnishings. It would be a shame not to use it.
Offer of interesting residential accessories
If you don't care how your switches and drawers look, especially they serve, you can change your mind. The world-renowned French brand puts great emphasis on the design of its products. And it is, of course, to know. The switches and sockets associated with the Schneider electric name are now much more than practical equipment. It is an ornamental element that has the opportunity to influence the insight of each environment. The offer of the E-shop will convince you of this. It is a showcase of products that not only serve great but also look great. Each model Series offers a different conception of beauty. The Unica Basic series is designed for the one who prefers the simplicity of shapes and color moderation.