It's here. The holiday ends, the boarding is coming to school benches. Whether your kids go to school for the first time or are already seasoned schoolchildren, you are waiting for the necessary shopping and looking for school supplies. Try this year differently, try it through the free ads, you may be interestably surprised.

Free Classifieds

We do not, of course, mean the purchase of school supplies, such as pencils, pens and penals. However, you could buy a well-preserved school bag at a very significant discount, just like sports shoes, for free. You may argue that you are buying a fundamentally new shoe, but…

Economical Shopping

In many schools, thanks to the system of storing needs for physical education or rings, children need not one sports shoe, but even two couples, which are stored inaccessible at school. It will make it very easy to purchase if you can buy at least one pair of shoes at a bargain price for free advertising.