Quality music and great listening
Radio Impuls, it is also the fastest flow of information from traffic on our roads! In the transport 007 you will find out the fastest possible information from our travels. Call the studio and join other listeners who help with their calls to inform about accidents or jams!
Radio with Soul
Travelling with Jiří Kolbabou is a show that has found its place not only over weekdays, but also on weekends! The esteemed adventurer brings his thrilling and interesting paths to the listeners, which he made to hundreds. Radio Impuls gives you a listen to the experience of a well-known traveller right from the first hand!
Seven minutes in seven
Seven minutes in seven is an informative show that broadcasts the radio pulse every weekday, always at seven o'clock and for seven minutes! Do not miss long messages that will inform you completely and adequately to enter the next day! The show is prepared by charming Jiřina Součková.