Czechs are renowned for their hobby in family celebrations. Some of them recall alcohol above all, but it is necessary to say that they like to meet and celebrate abstinents, so it is certainly not about the fun of people who have a positive relationship with alcohol. Czechs are sociicultural, but their dwelling is rather small and therefore often solves a problem where they actually celebrate and sociate.
You can hide them under the bed
When there's a small house, how about a garden? Yes, it may happen that the weather doesn't go out. But from that there are party tents that will protect you with your closest ones from the weather. It may rain, but it will not be for you, it may be hot, but it will not get to you, so you will be very glad you took them. And by the way after the composition are very store, so they fit into a small bag, which you can hide, for example, under the bed.