Do you know a woman who doesn't like cleanliness? That's why we're so patient with cleaning. Sometimes we see some kind of mess and we want to have it nice and tidy at home, sometimes we see dirt somewhere, so we have to wipe it off with a rag, so that we have a beautiful one, and it's just a glass. If you have a new home, it is understandable that you will be there nicely and also just assumed that you want to maintain order, so some cleaning every week will probably be commonplace, but it is commonplace everywhere. Well, perhaps in every ordinary family.
As they say
Cleanliness is half a health. Already our grandmothers knew this, so apparently this saying was also created, because once it was a disease and various parasites or diseases really much and so it was necessary for us to live in a clean environment, even if it did not look so often, but it was so. Sometimes it was called clean dirt just because you had the chings right next to your room. Today's time, however, has other tricks on how to clean everything nicely and other things in which, on the contrary, you also need to maintain order, therefore, there is always something to invent. The pool cleaner is necessary to have clean water, and the household is a common necessary.